Nazca Studios -

The online portfolio of Steven Beeny

Nazca Studios is the online portfolio of Steven Beeny, showcasing his comic strip art, paintings, graphic and web design and Microsoft Flight Simulator work. Steven is available on a freelance basis for any of the artistic works covered in this site. He is currently at work for an advertising agency in Irvine, California, USA, and also working on a short graphic novel about the British occupation of Iraq in the 1920s, entitled 'Rebellion 1920'. His skills include Flash animation and intermediate Action Scripting, web site design and HTML programming, traditional pen and ink illustration and painting.

An HTML version of the site is planned for early 2009, and will be built primarily using CSS. Please check back for details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Repaints

In addition to his regular and freelance design, Steven produces aircraft repaints for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, in particular classic British aircraft such as the English Electric Canberra, Avro Vulcan, Vickers Valiant, Fairey Gannet and Hawker Sea Hawk. He recently published his first FS2004 model of the Hawker Sea Hawk, available through a dedicated web site built by Nazca Studios, which as of Jan. 2009 has received over 4,000 downloads.

Launch of

In December 2008, Nazca Studios partnered with a small group of talented texture artists, modellers and programmers to form Flying Stations - quality naval-based freeware and payware products for FS2004/FSX and SFP1. The site is live at: and will be updated frequently throughout the year.

Grupo 2 de Bombardeo Canberra B.62 and T.64 repaints

Another of his ongoing projects is the reproduction of the entire Canberra fleet of the Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Argentina), known as Grupo 2 de Bombardeo for use with FS2004. The site was recently reskinned and programmed using predominantly CSS, and in addition to providing the dedicated B.62 and T.64 Canberra models by Paul Foster, provides detailed history of the Group in both english and spanish.

Rebellion 1920 - The First Iraqi Insurgency comic book

Rebellion 1920 is a fictional work based on the history of British Royal Air Force during its control of early Iraq in the 1920s. The story focuses on the experiences of a young airman who has been posted to Iraq, as he comes to terms with the complications and morality surrounding the British occupation. Famed British comic book writer, Pat Mills, calls Rebellion 1920: "The only genuine successor to Charley's War and what that series stood for that I am aware of... It's an awesomely researched story, enthrallingly written which totally held my attention. Steven Beeny shows remarkable courage in telling this story. It dramatises in fair, balanced and non-political way our shameful imperial past and and is tragically relevant to today. There are readers of Persepolis, Maus and Joe Sacco's work who will be interested in stories about Britain, too. This is the only one I know of that is out there."

The first chapter was discussed by Pat in the October 2008 hardback book release of Charley's War: Return to the Front. To hear Pat Mills discuss his thoughts on the comic, you can also listen to a radio interview with Pat Mills on Resonance FM in May 2008. You can buy the print copy of Rebellion 1920 from here.